the gentlewoman


Say hello to photographers, stylists and writers. And six fashion designers, one tennis player, one recruitment mogul, two supermodels and one breadmaker.

AdeleSinger“I’ve never looked at a magazine cover and gone, ‘That’s what I need to look like if I’m going to succeed.’”Alannah Weston“It’s important to be ironic and aware that ultimately, we’re here to sell stuff.”Alasdair McLellanPhotographerAlex NeedhamWriterAnastasia BarbieriStylistAnders EdströmPhotographerAndrea SpotornoPhotographerAndrea ZittelArtist“What makes us feel liberated is not total freedom, but rather living in a set of limitations that we have prescribed for ourselves.”Andreas LarssonPhotographerAndrew TuckerWriterAngela LansburyActress, Legend“All I could do as an actress was give the illusion of being a much more beautiful woman than I am.”Ann FriedmanWriterAnna-Marie SolowijWriterAnnabelle SelldorfArchitect“You get quite close to someone who tells you where they want to put their socks.”Annemarieke van DrimmelenPhotographerApollonia PoilâneCEO, Breakmaker“Never eat the bread they give you at the beginning of the meal – it’s like eating the peanuts on the bar.”Ava DuVernayFilm director“Do you want a bigger house and a fancier car? Or to get up everyday and do what you want to do?”Benjamin Alexander HusebyPhotographerBernat SobrebalsStylistBertha Gonález NievesBusinesswoman, Maestra Tequilera“We’re rebels in our own industry, trying to push the boundaries of what’s been done before.”Beyoncé Knowles-CarterSinger“I need to be able to go places and have normal conversations with people. You don’t have to alienate yourself from the world.”Björk GuðmundsdóttirSinger-songwriter“I always get a reflex to rebound and do something different.”Britt Marie KStylistCamilla NickersonStylist“An awful lot of it comes down to asking one question: ‘What do women want to wear?’”Carlyne Cerf de DudzeeleStylistCaroline NewellStylistCaroline RouxWriterCate Le BonSinger-songwriter“I can be quite guarded in my personal life so using strong imagery in the songs is a way of saying things I can’t in person.”Cathy DennisSinger / Songwriter“Although I write pop music, it’s an effort.”Charlotte ColletStylistChitose AbeDesigner, businesswoman“Running a business is hard, not because you’re a woman but because it’s business.”Christy TurlingtonSupermodel, Activist“I am positive, optimistic. When people say it’s hard to effect real change, I think that’s bullshit!”Cristina RuizWriterDaniel RieraPhotographerDavid Benjamin SherryPhotographerDavid SimsPhotographerDeborah OrrWriterDelphine DanhierStylistDr Frances Prenna JonesCosmetic Dermatologist“I know I’m not performing life-saving brain surgery, but I think you do make a difference to people’s lives.”Edwina Ings-ChambersWriterEleanor MorganWriterElizabeth PeytonArtist“I'm interested in making pictures of artists whose work inspires me.”Ellie Grace CummingStylistElodie David TouboulStylistEmily KingWriterEva WisemanWriterFatima BhuttoWriter“The personal experience is unique, but the experience of violence, of assassination, of not getting justice in court, that’s everyone’s, basically.”Floriane de Saint PierreRecruitment Mogul“Business? I love it. I love it. I absolutely love it.”George CortinaStylistGert JonkersAssociate Editor of The GentlewomanGuy AdamsWriterHannes HettaStylistHolly BrubachWriterHoracio SilvaWriterInez & VinoodhPhotographer“You want to keep doing better work than everyone else. You want to keep making amazing photographs.” — InezIsabel MarantFashion Designer“Having shops in key cities is important, but I would hate to be on every street corner.”Jane HowStylistJason EvansPhotographerJekka McVicarHerb Farmer“We’re not all tussie-mussies and scented handkerchiefs; this is a working nursery. We get our hands dirty.”Jennifer EganWriter“To me, sheer frivolity is not fun. It gets very dull.”Jenny HolzerArtist“I spent a lot of time hoping that I didn’t really exist. If I could, I would hide under the bed.”Jina KhayyerWriterJodie BarnesStylistJohn WalshWriterJonathan KayeFashion Director of The GentlewomanJop van BennekomCreative Director of The GentlewomanJoslyn Thompson RulePersonal Trainer"It's important to get girls to realise that their bodies are capable of something other than impressing some guy."Jude RogersWriterJuergen TellerPhotographerJulia DavisComedic Writer, Actress“When I got Nighty Night commissioned, people in charge were open-minded about having radical people writing for British TV.”Katie HillierAccessories designer“I get on the tube every day to see what people are carrying. People will pay anything for bags, it seems.”Katja RahlwesPhotographerKazuyo SejimaArchitect“I am just interested in making architecture.”Kirsty YoungBroadcast Journalist“There’s no part of this journey, through all the work I’ve done, that doesn’t make sense.”Lauren CollinsWriterLéa SeydouxActress“Only people obsessed with cinema would know me. Otherwise it’s ‘Seydoux? How do you spell that?’”Leila McAlisterChef, Food Authority“Despite all the mania for food programmes, people really know surprisingly little about buying ingredients.”Lester GarciaStylistLiz CollinsPhotographerLiz HoggardWriterLynn YaegerWriterMaria SharapovaTennis Player“How can you be real friends with someone when in a few minutes, you’re going to be out on the court, wanting to beat them more than anything?”Mario SorrentiPhotographerMarlene DumasArtist“I don’t have any hobbies. I don’t exercise. I don’t ride a bicycle. I don’t even like brushing my teeth.”Martha Lane FoxDigital Activist“I completely underestimated the expectation that I would be a statesmanlike figure.”Martha StewartLifestyle guru, businesswoman“When I started, nobody was paying attention to the mass market. For ordinary people America was a pretty bad place to shop.”Mattias KarlssonStylistMax FaragoPhotographerMeena PathakEntrepreneur“Of course, chefs never actually admit to using our products, but if you got friendly and went to the back kitchen you’d see our jars everywhere.”Nancy RohdeStylistOlivia WilliamsActress“I’ve been onstage not knowing what the fuck I’m doing often enough to know that inevitably you get through.”Olivier RizzoStylistPat ClevelandModel, Author“When you’re out on the runway, it’s perfect. The people who see the clothes and the people who made them; we’re all one people.”Paul FlynnWriterPaul WetherellPhotographerPenny MartinEditor of The GentlewomanPhoebe PhiloFashion Designer“The clothes are well made and the fabrics are beautiful. They’re not something just to be thrown away.”Princess JuliaNightclub Doyenne“Well, everything’s a look, isn’t it? It’s all drag.”Princess Mabel van OranjeActivist“I have opinions on lots of things. You might have noticed.”Raine, Countess SpencerAristocrat“I always do my own nails. When I was a girl mummy had a manicurist who taught me.”Raquel FrancoStylistRobynSinger-songwriter“I feel like supporting stereotypes is just extremely boring – whether it’s the pop star or the pleasing, adaptable woman.”Roe EthridgePhotograperSarah LerfelRetailer“We don’t do budgets. It’s all spontaneous. We just cross our fingers.”Sheryl GarrattWriterSinéad O'ConnorSinger-songwriter“The singers we love are the people who, from the first syllable you know who they are, because they’re 100 per cent themselves.”Sofie GråbølActress“I complicate things. I worry. I think a lot. I’m never happy. But I’m happy with not being happy.”Sophie HastingsWriterSt. VincentSinger-songwriter“People sometimes feel I’m being manipulative with my music, lulling them into a safe place and then slamming them over the head.”Susan SarandonActress, Political Activist“I always say the difference between theatre and film is the difference between making love and masturbation.”Susie RushtonWriterSusie WolffFormula One driver“Once I’m in the car, it’s me alone. I’m not here to be the best female. I’m here to be the best.”Tauba AuerbachArtist“I’ve been moving in a straight line and I just want to be able to move diagonally.”Tilda SwintonActress“I love actresses who’ve only been in one film. Every film I make, I want it to be my last.”Tim BlanksWriterTodd ColePhotographerVanessa GrigoriadisWriter“I’m a workaholic psycho-researcher psycho-perfectionist; I annoy everybody, rewriting passages that I think should be better.”Veronica DittingArt Director of The GentlewomanViviane SassenPhotographerVivienne WestwoodActivist, Designer“If you can’t afford something, don’t get something that is half the price that you don’t like. Don’t do that.”Willy VanderperrePhotographerWolfgang TillmansPhotographerYoko OnoArtist, Musician, Activist“I really think that if you’re killed or die, your thoughts and energy have a way of being active in the world.”Yvonne VenegasPhotographerZoë GhertnerPhotographer