the gentlewoman

Lauren Collins

How different life could have been for Lauren Collins. It was an internship as an evidence gatherer for Legal Aid in New York City that first turned Lauren’s attention towards journalism; when she discovered a penchant for telling stories over learning cases. The law’s loss has of course been the Fourth Estate’s gain. After graduating from Princeton University, Lauren began her stellar career at 4 Times Square, New York, working for American Vogue before moving two floors up the building in 2003 to The New Yorker, where she continues to report as staff writer. She’s written about multifarious subjects for the esteemed periodical, including Michelle Obama, Banksy, the Daily Mail newspaper and spring breakers in Croatia, not to mention her epic profile of Donatella Versace. Lauren published her debut book, When In French: Love in a Second Language in 2016. She currently lives in Paris.