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the gentlewoman

with 2 Moncler 1952

1 / 14
Opposites attract when defiantly feminine silhouettes are fashioned from 2 Moncler 1952’s signature fabrics.

with Palm Angels

2 / 14

A selection of quintessential garments from the Palm Angels Autumn and Winter 2021 collection, as proposed by The Gentlewoman.

High Life
with Bottega Veneta

3 / 14

The subversive spirit of Bottega Veneta is showcased by three iconoclasts from the worlds of dance, music and art. Take it from the top!

Church’s x Noir Kei Ninomiya
with Church’s

4 / 14

Church’s x Noir Kei Ninomiya – a radical new shoe collaboration, as presented by The Gentlewoman.

with Christian Louboutin

5 / 14

A portfolio of young professionals wearing the Nudes collection by Christian Louboutin.

New Heights
with 2 Moncler 1952

6 / 14

2 Moncler 1952 for autumn and winter 2019, as selected by The Gentlewoman.

with Victoria Beckham

7 / 14

A photographic series showcasing Victoria Beckham's 10-year capsule dress collection.

The Cocktail Needle
with Delfina Delettrez

8 / 14

The Cocktail Needle — the exquisite pick of the divine and dissolute.

Glimpses of the Future
with COS

9 / 14

An international architectural tour by COS and The Gentlewoman exploring the modernist highlights of London and Los Angeles.

Day Trip to Durslade Farm
with Paul Smith

10 / 14

A jolly countryside jaunt to Hauser & Wirth Somerset with Paul Smith.

The New T
with Sunspel

11 / 14

A T-shirt for all occasions by Sunspel and The Gentlewoman.

with Chanel

12 / 14

A beauty portfolio for Chanel’s Les Beiges make-up collection.

The New Italy
with Giorgio Armani

13 / 14

A photographic series showcasing Giorgio Armani’s New Normal collection.

The Gentlewoman Running Club
with Nike

14 / 14

The Gentlewoman Running Club ran the Nike Women’s 10K London. Meet the team and run the routes.