the gentlewoman

Glenn O’Brien

Did you know that the term ‘editor at large’ was coined specifically for Glenn O’Brien? This is just one of the plethora of contributions that Glenn has made to the world of publishing, as well as those of art, fashion, TV and advertising, over the last 40 years. Interview with Warhol in the ’70s; Barney’s department store in the ’80s; SEX with Madonna in the ’90s; right-hand man to Liz Tilberis at Harper’s Bazaar and Grace Mirabella at Mirabella, plus his hugely popular columns “Style Guy” for GQ and “Il Grande Glenn” for Vanity Fair Italy – suffice to say there isn’t a pop cultural moment that hasn’t been documented or shaped by Glenn O’Brien. Don’t believe us? Please direct your attention here for Mr O’Brien’s astonishing CV. Sadly, Mr O'Brein passed away in 2017.