the gentlewoman


Robin Miriam Carlsson has been delivering disco-dancing pop stompers for over 20 years. From the youthful exuberance of “Show Me Love” in 1998 to the gorgeously candid electro ballad “Monument” in 2014, via the heart-breaking ecstasy of 2010’s “Dancing On My Own”, Robyn’s music has soundtracked all the hottest discotheques, the finest festivals and most bittersweet breakups. Robyn (as she prefers to spell her name) has amassed accolades along the way: she’s the recipient of numerous awards; founding owner of a thriving  record label and leader of a supremely dedicated international following who’ve strapped themselves in and are enjoying the ride. Robyn lives between her native Stockholm and adopted city of Los Angeles with her partner, the video director Max Vitali.