the gentlewoman


Kate and Laura Mulleavy left their parent’s house in Pasadena, California in 2005, and flew to New York to debut a collection consisting of seven dresses, three coats and a curious new concept; West Coast couture. Those ten pieces, financed by savings and the sale of a rare Velvet Underground record, quickly caught the approving eye of the fashionable elite, including Anna Wintour, who advised the young label to “keep it personal” – they’ve done so ever since. As well as their sartorial offerings, Rodarte have written books, designed costumes (most notably, for Black Swan) and even written and directed their own feature film (Woodshock; a dark, trippy suspense flick starring friend, and fan, Kirsten Dunst). Born one year apart, the siblings share a devotion to the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, honed on days spent playing hooky from high school at the suggestion of their parents – a fittingly alternative education for the sisters’ singularly offbeat vision.