the gentlewoman

Day-Trip to Durslade Farm

A collaboration with Paul Smith


Day-Trip to Durslade Farm

Durslade Farm, Hauser & Wirth’s Somerset art complex, was the bucolic destination for The Gentlewoman Club and Paul Smith’s country excursion, in a day of meadow-based merriment.

The Coach Journey

“After 46 years in business, what still makes me want to get on a bus with 50 strangers? I love people. I love my life.”
Sir Paul Smith

The Blanket

“Introducing The Gentlewoman & Paul Smith blanket, in ‘Lansbury pink’ with a pane check that mirrors the magazine’s exact dimensions.”
Penny Martin

The Piet Oudolf Meadow

“Wait until August or September, it looks like a Monet here.”
Alice Workman

The Exhibition

“Martin Creed’s music video for ‘Understanding’ will stay with me for a long time.”
Caroline Newell

The Entertainment

“I’ve been in the circus all my life, my father before and his father before him. I was the knife-thrower in Octopussy, you know.”

The Radic Pavilion

“What a spread! And the thunderstorm mid-afternoon added to the experience.”
Sophie Hicks

The Readers

“It really feels like people are happy just to come up and say, Hello. Truly a congregation of gentlewomen.”
Sean Baker

Photography by Josh Hight

Assisted by Pierre-Yves Morvan