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Fernanda Pichardo, 28, grew up eating popsicles at the local paleterías in her hometown of Mexico City, so it’s hardly surprising the “frozen cocktails” she made in her kitchen as a teenager showed early promise. Her liquor-laced lollies proved so popular that in 2016 Fernanda quit the day-job to launch her own company, Blend Poptails. The freewheeling entrepreneur hasn’t looked back since. A reader of The Gentlewoman since its inaugural issue in 2010, Fernanda talks to Lucy Milligan about taking her business from freezer to fiesta.

Fernanda Pichardo

Lucy: Tell me the story of the first lolly, Fernanda – grand plan or happy accident?

Fernanda: I’ve always loved throwing parties and mixing cocktails for my guests and I was thinking of ways to make them portable. So, I figured, why not freeze them? I made the first batch at home in an ice-cube tray – they were gin and tonic-flavoured and are one of the company’s bestsellers now. There was a bit of trial and error involved initially, experimenting with different quantities of fruit, sugar and alcohol. If the balance’s off the popsicle won’t freeze properly.

L: At what point did you realise this had business potential?

F: Around the beginning of 2014, I started taking samples to food markets, such as Mercado Roma and Los Mercaderes Coyoacan. And customers’ reactions were instantaneous – they just loved them! I couldn’t keep up with the demand so I had to scale up production. I got in touch with some potential manufacturers in Mexcio City, and one has been producing the popsicles since 2016. Shortly afterwards, I left my job at a media agency and went full-time with Blend. Now I have a team of 10 and we produce 2o different flavours.

L: What’s the bestseller?

F: Mexican Mescal does quite well. We mix it with mango and chilli, so you get a sweet, smoky and spicy taste in every bite. That and the mojito – I mean, who doesn’t love a mojito? Sure, it’s a novelty product, but they’re genuinely delicious. We use natural ingredients and take the time to perfect each recipe. It’s not just a gimmick.

L: Would they get you drunk?

F: Ha! The amount of alcohol is actually very small, 28ml – it’s more of a flavour. You might feel the effects if you ate five of them. We also make alcohol-free ones.

L: Is there a big cocktail scene in Mexico City?

F: Oh, yes. My favourite bar is Licorería Limantour in Colonia Roma, a super-fun neighbourhood known for its nightlife. I also like Fifty Mils at the Four Seasons in the Polanco district.

L: And when you’re not working or kicking up your heels?

F: I’m always looking to learn more about history so I love reading biographies. I’m currently reading La Divina Marchesa, the biography of the Italian heiress Luisa, Marchesa Casati – such glamour!

Interview by Lucy Milligan. Photograph courtesy of Fernanda Pichardo. Would you like to be the next featured reader? Then sign-up sister and tell us about yourself!