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The Reader

Cristina LjungbergNº 45

“Women’s pleasure is always categorised as being “adult”, or even pornographic.” Read the interview

Kirsty ThomasNº 44

“There’s this old-fashioned sensibility in schools that mongers the myth of the impoverished artist.” Read the interview

Dominika SadowskaNº 43

“I haven’t worked in an office for years – I don’t miss it.” Read the interview

Alannah CooperNº 42

“Fashion doesn’t have to be happening in London or Paris to count.” Read the interview

Maxine ThompsonNº 41

“The high waist is perfect for tucking in your shirt. And there’s a belt loop on the side for your tea towel.” Read the interview

Jessie BuckleyNº 40

“I hope people don’t ever feel they know what I’m going to give them.” Read the interview

Kloé PorterNº 39

“I anonymously send friends books I think they’ll enjoy.” Read the interview

Jenn NkiruNº 38

“My films are haptic, quite visceral and dreamlike.” Read the interview

Dilys WilliamsNº 37

“Fashion doesn’t have to be just about buying new stuff.” Read the interview

Fernanda PichardoNº 36

“It’s a novelty product, but they’re genuinely delicious – not just a gimmick.” Read the interview

Amy CorbinNº 35

“Even on our days off, you’ll find us in our flat, reading recipe books.” Read the interview

Faith & CindyNº 34

“Most lingerie takes itself so seriously.” Read the interview

Dahlia SchweitzerNº 33

“The chances of a real viral outbreak are very, very slim.” Read the interview

Karen LangleyNº 32

“It’s important for me to have interests and a life away from fashion.” Read the interview

Elisabeth KrohnNº 31

“I’m not sure I would consider myself a witch, but I do think my magazine is an act of witchcraft.” Read the interview

The New SocialNº 30

“The New Social looks at how Eastern European artists deal with their past rather than to pastiche it.” Read the interview

Jessica JungNº 29

“Before Rare Market, the idea of a concept shop didn’t exist in Seoul.” Read the interview

Kimberly DrewNº 28

“The brain is a muscle on social media, itʼs always working.” Read the interview

Laura BurlingtonNº 27

“I think about clothes in personal terms, as a private pleasure.” Read the interview

Bonny PorterNº 26

“I love the mechanics of a kitchen. Chefs almost have a dance” Read the interview

Jessamyn RodriguezNº 25

“When I cook I get to be in my head a little and have some peace of mind.” Read the interview

Jacqui TerryNº 24

“I don’t have to win and I think that makes for a better poker player.” Read the interview

Rachel LangNº 23

“If I make a bad film, nobody is likely to die, but in the army there are duties and liability.” Read the interview

Amina GichingaNº 22

“It’s hard to grow up in a city like London and not be political.” Read the interview

Sharon RooneyNº 21

“I enjoy working with just my voice. My face sometimes has a mind of its own.” Read the interview

Emma ClineNº 20

“I was drawn to the idea of a story that didn’t have a moral.” Read the interview

Jacqueline SuskinNº 19

“The Poem Store offers instant gratification – that’s what people are usually after.” Read the interview

Einat AdmonyNº 18

“I know when a dish is good. I’m very confident. And I know when it’s bad, too.” Read the interview

Jenny Lee LindbergNº 17

“I think most of us are really good at denial.” Read the interview

Sloane CrosleyNº 16

“I’m a morning writer – I like to get up early and have a clear head.” Read the interview

Starlee KineNº 15

“As a child, I loved puzzles, riddles and games, essentially, that's what mysteries are.” Read the interview

Helen NisbetNº 14

“A night on Shetland means food, music and dancing. And whisky!” Read the interview

Elizabeth WilsonNº 13

“I can’t think of another sport that fetishises players’ bodies as much as in tennis.” Read the interview

Anja RubikNº 12

“The first smell I can remember is of the glue we used at school. I loved that smell.” Read the interview

Megan PiperNº 11

“Inevitably with public art people love it or hate it. But it’s all part of the conversation.” Read the interview

Amy BasilNº 10

“When so many films are instantly available for free, how do you restore their value?” Read the interview

Alba RohrwacherNº 9

“I studied medicine when I was 17. I think medicine and acting are very similar.” Read the interview

Adrienne AndersonNº 8

“I have a Benne Wafer with tea. But dunking it in my tea? No way!” Read the interview

Aminatou SowNº 7

“Romantic relationships get a lot of ink. Nobody talks about the romance of being a friend.” Read the interview

Eden FullNº 6

“I'd like to think I’m capable of building other cool things as well as SunSaluter.” Read the interview

Dee PokuNº 5

“I wouldn’t just write a letter to Nancy Pelosi and say, ‘Hey, come and speak here!’” Read the interview

Anna Day & Ellie JaunceyNº 4

“Mums are really weird about dahlias, but we love them. They’re like fireworks.” Read the interview

Bianca StigterNº 3

“The moment before I start writing can be very pleasurable.” Read the interview

Ylva JohannessonNº 2

“We educate children about food and healthy eating – the kids from one session didn’t know what a blueberry was.” Read the interview

Valeria NapoleoneNº 1

“I wake up at night and think about artworks that I’d really like, and how to get them.” Read the interview